Paul Nelson

Executive Director of All Things Wine.

There’s a lot of guff and bad wines out in the world and my main focus is to avoid these as much as possible! Conversely the wine industry has taken me to some of the most beautiful places on earth, Priocca, The Rhinegau, Santa Ynez, Abruzzo, Rawsonville, Paphos and Narayangon to name a few, and given me the opportunity to drink some of the most amazing wines and meet people who live and breathe wine. From drinking way too many Cypriot coffees with Alexis in Cyprus and being bribed with 10kg of halloumi to take growers fruit, to eating mosbolletjies on the stoop with DuToit and drinking way too much brandy and coke…or going out with crazy Germans all night and reporting for duty at 5am the next day with a new tattoo. These wine experiences and people have helped shape me as a human and appreciator of all things wine and life. Outside of the Great Southern, we now run a small winemaking project in Piemonte (Northern Italy) and it’s here we like to escape to once pruning at Karriview has finished. Our girls are the next gen winemakers and I can only hope what we have put in, they get out. 

Bianca Nelson

Wifey, Mother, Jill Of All Trades.

Our 3 little ones keep my days pretty busy, but I’m onboard to help in the vineyard and cellar wherever I can – and I also make a mean G&T at the end of a busy day in the winery!

My favourite part of life on the farm is the family time that we incorporate in all our daily happenings; grape sampling, grape picking, grape stomping, all done with the help of 3 pairs of little hands and little feet. Sometimes the grapes even make it the press before they can be joyously foraged & snaffled.

Most days we keep it fairly simple..we like to drink good wines (usually it’s something Italian in my glass to enjoy with dinner), we like to eat good food, and we like to spend quality time together with our girls.  And all things considered, that’s about as much as I could ever want in life.

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